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RENT Fic Challenge

RENT Tales
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We're a RENT challenge community. Our goal is to create an environment open to the most obscure AU and the oldest cliche, trying to encourage friendly feedback, good writing and above all--just getting some writing done! Work it how you like it--but be nice! Flaming will get you warned, and after 3 warnings you will be asked to leave.

How it works: A challenge is posted. The deadline is announced in the challenge post; stories can be submitted up to the deadline, and voting will be open until the following deadline. Right now stories are due Mondays and Fridays at midnight.

How can I join?: Why, by clicking the "join here" button! Membership is open, and we're always glad to have you.

Any rules?: Just be kind. Constructive criticism is encouraged (unless the author specifies against it) but flaming is not permitted.

So... come and join us! Be you a writer, reader, or even lurker, you're welcome!