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Jun. 20th, 2008

This challenge is basedon the assumption that only Christy and I are going to try and write for this, and only Kara will read the entries. If anyone else is watching this community, has a problem with this, PLEASE speak up. In the first eight hours or so, I'll change the challenge. It wouldn't be fair after that but if there are others around I'll make an effort to make the community great for you, too!

Challenge 8Collapse )

Challenge 7

Title: Hairdressing
Author: Deborah
Rating: G
Pairing: Mark + Roger
Summary: Just where did Roger get that hair cut?
Notes: There’s this bit in the commentary, when Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp talk about how their hair looks in one scene. And this is sort of inspired by… that. Yeah.
Disclaimer: Rent is Jonathan Larson’s

Roger was a veritable moptop.Collapse )

Challenge 6 entry

Author: Deborah
Rating: PG… maybe G
Pairing: none
Summary: Collins needs a job.
Disclaimer: Rent is Jonathan Larson’s. Mildred Hubble is also someone else’s.

He had been dropping into the padded chairs on the wrong side of the desk since he was five years old and brought wirecutters to school to cut his way out of the kindergarten play area.Collapse )
Challenge 5 is closed! New challenge is here :)

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Jun. 9th, 2008

Title: Whispers in the Dark
Author: Deborah
Rating: PG13 for drug usage and Roger
Pairing: Roger + Collins friendship
Summary: Collins plays a game that Roger hates to love.
Disclaimer: Rent is Jonathan Larson’s.

You’re one of the gayest straight boys I know.Collapse )

Challenge 3

Due to an ill moderator who needs to go to bed already, the deadline for submissions has been pushed back 24 hours. You have until 12:01 Saturday morning to post.